GoDaddy Closeouts

GoDaddy Closeouts

This is where not so popular domains go to die. AKA they haven’t received any bids at auction so they head to the bargain bin which is the last pit stop before being deleted from the registry. Although these domains are technically the garbage no one bothered to bid on, there are still plenty of gems to be found, you just have to be thorough in your search.

To begin with you might want to filter by appraisal/value, and see if anything sticks out. Obviously automated appraisals aren’t always on point, but it’s just a first step in your search process. Next what I usually do is filter by character count. 6L or less. See if you spot anything short and brandable. Next I’ll probably go up to 10 characters and also filter by age. I’ll continue looking for decent shorter stuff, and then eventually I’ll forget about character count and just sort by oldest. You can sometimes find some nice aged stuff for a bargain. You might want to search based on traffic, but since you can’t always rely on GoDaddy’s estimates (in my experience), I tend not to put much weight on this option.

Obviously there are other ways of filtering results. This is where a tool like comes in handy because you can filter by search volume, cost per click, etc. You can also enter a list of keywords which is rather handy. I’ll talk more about in a future post.

I think that about sums it up for GoDaddy Closeouts. You can grab decent names for $5.00 to $11.00, and if they aren’t renewed, you’ll receive them in 7 days or less. This is a great option for those on a limited budget or if you just want to exploit all avenues. Just remember, price doesn’t always dictate value. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 😉

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